Jim Stephenson

Jim Stephenson is an architectural photographer and film-maker, known for capturing the many ways people interact with architecture.

In this episode, Jim and Dave discussed:
  • Why photographing people enjoying buildings, rather than empty spaces, can better explain the story and concept of the project, but also serve as a visual testimonial to the success of the building.
  • How architectural filmmaking has grown and evolved over the years, and why architects are increasingly seeing the value in having the story of their projects told in film in addition to still photography.
  • The different ways film can help architects to reach new audiences, from extending the potential media reach for a project, to producing different cuts of the main film that can be tailored to speak about different subjects to different audiences.
  • The questions Jim likes to ask architects to help them tease out the most interesting stories and ideas in their projects, and how we can better prepare for situations where we need to speak about our work on camera.

If you'd like to learn more about their studio Jim Stephenson, you can visit clickclickjim.com or follow him on Instagram at @clickclickjim or @stephensonand_cuts.

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Today's episode of Office Talk was edited and engineered by Anthony Richardson of Simple Dwelling Studio.
Jim Stephenson
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