McLaren Excell

Luke McLaren is a director of McLaren Excell, a London-based practice known for delivering beautifully conceived and finely crafted buildings.

In this episode, Luke and Dave discussed:
  • The importance of communicating projects in a simple, restrained way, rather than overcomplicating their images with too many distracting elements.
  • How designing to a long-held set of values has led to the practice having a stylistic consistency throughout their work and a more distinctive brand image.
  • The importance of photographing projects in a way that emphasises the feeling of being inside the building, and how their photography process can often involve shooting a project multiple times before the right feeling is achieved.
  • The richness that comes from having a clear focus and specialisation, and how the practice benefits from not trying to do too many different types of projects.
If you'd like to learn more about their studio, you can visit or follow them on Instagram at @mclarenexcell.

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Today's episode of Office Talk was edited and engineered by Anthony Richardson of Simple Dwelling Studio.
McLaren Excell
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